The 10 Best Summer Colors for your Home

The summer is filled with bright, energizing colors that just make you feel good! Why not bring the outdoors in!? In this article, we will show you the best colors for your home according to top interior designers. Enjoy!

Sunshine Yellow 

Sunny yellow is a great way to bring the sunshine indoors and bring a smile to your face! Adding this color can be challenging as it can overpower a room.  Using decorative pillows, patterned fabric, or accessories with splashes of yellow is a great way to start! Paired with neutral grays or whites, your space will shine!

2490_2490 Smoke-LSS-b1LVMKT19

Refreshing Lime 

Add a hint of lime to more than just your salsa or drink. This great color can be used as a backdrop to a bookcase or accent wall, or use it to add pops of color with accessories, bedding or art!

green3 photo 1 Green

Sky Blue 

Blue skies are definitive of summer and adding this color to your home will create a cool, tranquil effect to your bedroom, reading room, or anywhere you like to kick back and relax. This color can be used in healthy doses on large accessories, drapery, and furniture and is paired well with white or neutral colors.


Pinks and Purples 

These flirty colors go hand in hand with Pantone’s color of the year, radiant orchid.  Add a feminine touch to a room with these hues.  Pink is the ultimate girl color and is great for a child’s bedroom.  Pair it with deep purples or floral patterns to intensify it and create a playful atmosphere!

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Ocean Reef Coral 

This hue is vibrant and bright and using accessories to accent a room is a great way to incorporate this seaworthy color. Add it throughout the room with anything from pillows, duvet covers, lamps, chairs or art. Use it subtly with whites, light blues and neutral shades, or make a bold statement by painting an accent wall.


Ravishing Red 

Red is an inviting and happy color that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Why not use this color right at the entrance of your home? This room sets the tone for the rest of your home and your guests will want to see more.  Paired with white, black or gray, this color looks classic! Try adding a red accent table or go wild with red walls and accessories.

 entryway -blog2f07375c55bc100e5c1e88ef3115295e

Clean White 

Crisp white will give any space a fresh, clean look.  This color can be used as a backdrop to amp up with accents and accessories in your favorite colors or patterns – or stay monochromatic and incorporate all white items for a soft appeal. Who wouldn’t want to take a nap in this room?


Navy Blue 

Go nautical with navy blue and create a statement without over-powering a room.  Navy blue is on trend as one of the “hottest new neutrals” and can be paired with bold colors such as red or pink and goes great with gold accessories.  Try using it in a pattern on a rug or accent pillows.

Westerly K73600_K73600-LSS-b174c81f34242cf15651d9f251456a148d

Fresh-Squeezed Orange

As refreshing as a glass of Florida orange juice, this color has always been one of summer’s top colors. Add some zest to your room by adding accent tables or pillows to a neutral toned couch or bed.  Orange is energizing so try to add this color to high traffic areas such as your kitchen or family room.


Water’s Edge Blue 

You don’t have to live by the ocean or a lake to feel like you’re there! Bring the water front to your living space by using this cool shade of blue.  Add drama with the shade by adding upholstered pieces, drapery panels and accessories.


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