The Power Of Color

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Red, Orange, and Yellow

Last week we talked about how the colors that surround us every day can affect the way we feel and act and focused particularly on Blue and Green. Choosing colors that support the purpose or function of each room is truly rewarding and allows color to serve a purpose in your home.  Blues and Greens are calm and peaceful colors that create a relaxing environment – the room you want to lay down in after a long day at work.

Reds, Oranges, and Yellows are warmer colors that are associated with arousal, excitement, and energy. These colors work well in areas where people gather, such as the dining room, family room or patio.

RED Passion, Love, Excitability


Red is associated with arousal, anger, aggression, passion, love, mental energy, control, excitability as well as danger.  It represents valor and courage.  Rich red is sophisticated and also denotes compassion.

Adrenaline is released in the presence of red.  It stimulates appetite, heightens the sense of smell, raises the pulse, increases blood pressure, respiration and heart rate.  It is highly visible and causes an increase in eye blink frequency.  Good rooms for decor would be the kitchen, dining room, party room, game room and some small spaces.


ORANGE Affectin, Radiance, Heat

orange-flowers-wood-1080Lido 34200_34200-LSG-b1

Orange is associated with excitement, affection, radiance and heat.  It is warm, friendly, inviting and denotes commonality and a sense of home.  Deep oranges are associated with dependability, strength, rich beauty, wealth and fame and lighter hues represent comfort and the relieving of stress.

Orange increases appetite, induces relaxation, slows down the rates of blood flow, increases the potential for sleep, increases pulse rate, yet does not affect blood pressure.  It promotes assimilation and circulation and helps relieve muscle cramps.  Good rooms for decor in orange are the dining room, the family room, the formal living room, the guest bedroom, the guest bathroom and the entryway.

Yellow Happiness, Energy, Life

Low Country_76-CD-SET419-blemon-wallpapers-background-18

In its true form yellow denotes happiness, warmth, cheerfulness, optimism, energy and life. It represents renewal, intensity, talkativeness, prestige, love and intellectual stimulation. Paler shades denote wisdom, intelligence, enlightenment, goodness and clarity.  Light shades also represent freshness, inexperience, youth and cleanliness.

Yellow causes vision to take place relatively quickly compared to other colors. It is hard on the eyes (use in moderation), speeds metabolism and can make us emotionally uneasy and argumentative.  Paler shades enhance concentration and clear thinking (yellow notepads).  Yellow rooms cause babies to cry more often and cause allergies to flare up more frequently in people of all ages.  Good rooms for decor in yellow are the kitchen, dining room, study and play room.

As you design and decorate, remember that the use of color in an interior space is something to embrace. Color can be used specifically and deliberately to serve us and enhance the home environment! I hope you enjoyed this article and be sure to follow us for more tips weekly.  In our next article on the power of color, we will focus on Pink and Purple.

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