The Power of Color

Pink and Purple 

PinkPurple FlowersGabriella 136A_136A-BSl-b1

PINK Fun, Celebration, Excitement.

Pink is associated with fun, music, celebration and excitement. It is known to be the ultimate girl color. Lighter shades are associated with sweetness and can be calming. Very pale pink is sometimes associated with lethargy – mental and sometimes physical loss of energy.

Pink is the color of unconditional love and is beneficial in rooms used for getting to the heart of something.  It has been used in prisons to calm down aggressive prisoners.  Pink has a physical impact on the human body. When your eyes see a large amount of pink (a wall for example), the body actually grows noticeably weaker!

Pink mixes well with reds, blues, and greens and adds impact to neutral colors. Good rooms for decor would be a playroom (in bright pink) and a guest room, bedroom or children’s bedroom (in lighter shades).

Windhaven - 1831789821_50700-BUP-b1Bostwick Shoals-Maribel_138-BHF-b1

PURPLE Royalty, Romance, Spirituality.

Purple is theatrical, magical, sophisticated, intellectual, romantic and spiritual. Lighter shades reflect innocence, imagination, femininity and a love for the aesthetic. Purple is a mixed color, a combination of the excitement and passion of red and the peaceful tranquility of blue.

Purple reduces hunger and stimulates the upper brain.  It depresses heart muscles and motor nerves.  It also helps to maintain ionic balance and increases the power of meditation.  Purples are used in rooms for deep relaxation and meditation, or any environment you want to have an ‘out of this world’ feeling. Good rooms for decor in purple are the bedroom, living room and bathroom.

For more tips be sure to watch our videos below and browse Sheely’s website for inspiration! Follow us for more tips and tricks next week when we will talk about the neutral colors – black, white, and brown!



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