The Power of Color: Neutrals

Black, White, & Brown 

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Black  Sophistication, Power, Authority

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Black is associated with power and authority as well as violence.  Black is sleek and sophisticated and the color of drama.  It enlivens other colors yet it is also the color of submission and mourning.  In small quantities it stimulates and in large quantities it is oppressive.  It can quickly bring on a feeling of depression. Seems rather dreary right? Set aside the negative aspects and you have a strong, classic, elegant color associated with mystery and that is often used to mean, top of the line.

Black is one of many neutral shades and is a great way to enhance bright colors such as in frames for art or pictures, on lamp bases, and in accessory pieces. Black goes great with brighter shades of white, yellow, green, red and pink and will take the heart out of pale or pastel shades. For best results in your home try to use black in moderation.

White Purity, Innocence, Light

White-Flower-Farm-Wallpaper-Download-HD-BackgroundBentley 92100 92200_92100-LSS-b1

White symbolizes purity, innocence, light, crispness and coolness.  It represents sterility, cleanliness, sharpness and openness.  White can represent mourning in some Asian cultures.  White is actually the absence of all of the colors in the spectrum of light. It causes a lower pulse rate, blood pressure, respiration, heart rate and eye blink frequency than almost all colors except blue.

White is a neutral color and is not particularly inviting if there is too much.  It can cause a glare and actually lead to headaches if not broken up. White looks whiter on black than it does on gray and harmonizes with shades, tints, and tones of all kinds.  Good rooms for decor are guest rooms, entryways, the master bedroom, bathrooms, music rooms and the spa.

Brown Sincerity, Genuineness

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Brown is associated with the earth and implies sincerity, genuineness and being solid and reliable.  It reduces irritability and mental tension, promotes the synthesis of serotonin, eliminates chronic fatigue and stimulates the formation of prostaglandin E1 which has many functions in the actions of the womb, lungs, brain and kidneys).  It increases tryptophan amino acid levels that influence sleep, migraine, immunity and moods.

Good rooms for decor in brown are the study, library, media room, sewing room, a baby’s room (mixed with other colors for fun and stimulation) and a guest room.

Thank you for reading and check out our videos below for more tips on these great neutral colors. Be sure to visit our page at to find just what your looking for!

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