Customize Your Style with Smith Brothers at Sheely’s!

 Personalized Living Room Furniture Made in the Swiss-Amish Tradition.

SBB Leather Wall 2New Leather Wall SBB

We are so excited to introduce our new custom leather wall from Smith Brothers.  In addition to hundreds of custom fabrics, Smith Brothers offers a huge selection of custom leathers in a wide variety of colors that you can see and feel to get exactly what you’re looking for! We know that although pictures can help you decide what you want – it is even better to see it in person and have the opportunity to pick up a swatch and use it to make the best choice for you.


For over 80 years, Smith Brothers has been crafting the finest living room furniture. It is solid, comfortable, stylish and made right in the heart of America. They specialize in custom orders and can guarantee it will last for generations. You can read more about the brand by Clicking Here, and be sure to stop in and visit our Smith Brothers Display! Below are some of the great items we have in store right now!



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