ReCreate Your Room: Rustic & Contemporary

Ever find yourself up late at night scrolling through endless pages on Pinterest pinning sixteen billion “easy” dinner recipes, those (not so) miracle diet plans, or obsessing over that one designer purse you know you could never afford? What about all those Pinterest boards you entitled “Dream Home” or “Future Bedroom Design”? Well, with a showroom that exceeds 75,000 square feet, Sheely’s can help bring some of your Pinterest daydreams to life.

One of the biggest trends we see in designer rooms today is the mixing of old and new pieces. This design trend isn’t limited to city living or those chic loft apartments, the combination of rustic and contemporary can be done in an old farm house, log cabin, grand Victorian, or wherever you call home.

This rustic and contemporary design done by blogger, mom and design guru Veronika, was found on Pinterest, and we believe it to be the perfect example of mixing modest and modern.


To fulfill this design in your home, look no further, Sheely’s is your go-to, one stop shop. With the beautiful Magnussen rustic dining table, to the Klaussner Biscoe contemporary two piece sectional sofa, Sheely’s Furniture and Appliances has everything you need to update your space!

Magnussen Home Walton Rustic Dining Table with Casters and Extension LeafKlaussner Biscoe Contemporary 2 Piece Sectional Sofa with ChaiseFor this exact look, along with many others visit  Sheely’s website and Pinterest page, or simply stop in and see us! Sheely’s, Furnish Your Life!

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