Little Spaces, Happy Places

Have a small space that’s getting you down? Unsure how to decorate such a tiny area? No worries, at Sheely’s we’re here to help with tricks to make any space feel bigger. To make a room look and feel larger than its actual dimensions, follow these simple ideas:

little space, happy place

(1) Give reflective furniture a go! Try using a glass cocktail table and fall in love with mirrors! Staying away from large wood furniture will lighten up the space making it look and feel larger.

(2) Maximize space by avoiding pieces that take up too much floor space. Try wall shelves instead of a bookcase and mount your television on the wall or mantel to free up the floor.

(3) By placing furniture up against the wall the space feels tight and cramped. Try moving furniture away from the wall – it will open up the room, giving it a larger feel.

900_900 OT-L-b
(4) Being storage savvy is key in a small space. Find furniture that has a dual purpose, an ottoman or cocktail table with secret storage will help hide clutter.

(5) Elongate your space by hanging curtains to the ceiling; this draws the eye upward, giving the illusion of height.

Ashworth_D95200 S-b2

(6) For a small space use furniture with exposed legs, instead of big boxed furniture that sits on the ground.

(7) Limit the amount of patterns and colors. Try using a single tone throughout the space, allowing the room to flow more visually.

(8) Find your focal point! Whether that is a dramatic art piece or a grand sofa, having a focal point makes the space more expansive.a986603bb26b1e5d8431fc2b19db20b7

(9) Don’t be afraid of stripes! Similar to those on clothing-vertical stripes on a rug, curtains or wall will give a small room length.

(10) Do not over accessorize! Too many small pieces can leave the room feeling cramped and cluttered. Avoid making your space feel like a garage sale by decorating with a few larger pieces instead of a plethora of tiny accessories.

If you find yourself short on square inches, there is still plenty you can do! Small space doesn’t mean giving up on big style. For more ‘know how’ visit our Website and Pinterest Page, or simply stop into our show room! Focus on these tips and add your own personal design, because a little space can definitely be a happy place!

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