Be Floored

Rugs play a dual purpose in home decor-not only being decorative and fun, they provide a soft and cozy landing place for your feet.  However, when it comes to picking out the perfect rug for your space there seems to be a list of rules longer than your entryway Runner Rug! From the right size, to the right shape, Sheely’s has all the go-to tips and tricks on what it takes to find the perfect rug for any room in your home.

Entryway Rug: The entryway rug is the very first thing guests see when you welcome them into your home. It is important that this rug reflects the personal style of your space. The larger the area of your entryway, the grander the rug should be. Matching the rug to the size of your doorway allows for easy opening and closing of the front door without the rug getting in the way. Finding carpeting that is easy to clean is also significant when choosing the best rug for your entryway, no one likes the sight of dirty feet smudges!89e9a253a870fd9c965e2086faf33c79

Living Room: When it comes to living room rugs a common question is whether or not the legs of your sofa, end table or accent chair should be on, or off the rug. In truth, it is all up to your personal preference, the only “rule” is to keep it consistent. If your sofa is fully off the rug, make sure your end table and accent chair follow suite. If you prefer your sofa completely on the rug, your end table should not be completely off the rug. The debate between print or no print on rugs in the living room? You should go with your own style. If you have wall to wall plain carpeting or hardwood floors, it is always fun to add a printed rug to spice up the room. By tying the colors in the rug to the colors of your pillows and curtains, your living room will be  cohesive and appealing to the eye.

Dining Room: If considering a rug for your dining room, it is key to make sure the rug under your table is large enough for all the chairs to remain on the rug even when the seats are completely pulled out from under the table. This will avoid the rug getting caught up underneath the legs of your chairs (neither attractive, nor fun for guests). When it comes to pattern on your dining room rug- go for it! Being that dining room tables are usually plain wood, a patterned rug will dress up your dining space and bring life to the room, without being too overwhelming.


Bedroom: The only “rule” for rugs in the bedroom is to make sure the rug extends 12-18 inches beyond the bed, allowing for it to show from out around the bed. A good way to accomplish this is by placing the rug horizontal instead of vertical. If you have a smaller rug, you can place it in front of your bed-adding pattern and design to the overall look of the space.

Whether you chose round or rectangular, patterned, printed, or solid, the only real rule when it comes to decorating with rugs is for it to match your own personal style! Luckily, here at Sheely’s we carry a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors to keep you and your guests completely floored over your perfect rug!

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