ReCreate Your Room: Rustic & Glam

The first step in home design is figuring out what your personal style is. Whether it be Contemporary, Eclectic, Country or Cottage- deciding which direction you want to take your space is the most fundamental step in creating a home you love. The mixing of two different styles has been a reoccurring theme in today’s world of design, it encourages personality and individual expression, because you are the authority, there are no wrong answers in home design.


Today we take a look at the mixture of Rustic and Glam, two separate ends of the style spectrum. Rustic interiors bring the outside in- raw materials, distressed metals, wood with prominent knots, and rasped edges. Hollywood Regency otherwise known as Glam, brings glitz and drama to a space with luxe fabrics like silk and fur, a plethora of mirrors and bold patterns. Mixing the two styles sounds somewhat drastic, but as this design from Houzz proves the combination of Rustic and Glam can be beautifully unexpected.

Bellamy - 1088781763_D2491-20-b4

Here at Sheely’s we have everything you need to recreate this room in your home! To get this Rustic Glam dining room start with this Magnussen Home Bellamy Transitional Double Pedestal Dining Table. The weathered solid pine will stand up to everything from kids crafts to elegant adult dinners. Just in time for the holiday, the butterfly leaf in the table expands to 94 inches!

Corsica 5180_5180-75412-b0

This chair from Hooker Furniture is the perfect mix of Rustic and Glam. The Corsica Oval back chair drives sophistication with a touch of Hollywood, while the light neutral wood brings a subtle rustic charm.

Accent Furniture - 1204566928_23117-bpillows

Patterns help to embellish this Rustic Glam setting. Two of these gorgeous accent chairs by Uttermost Furniture will balance out the antique dining table. The almond beige chenille channel back chairs, surrounded by animal print and accessorized with champagne nail heads are glamorous and glitzy. Dress your accent chairs with pillows in luxe fabrics, such as these silk and faux fur Surya pillows!

Accessories - 1204566928_19839-bMirrors U_08114-b

Finish off your Rustic Glam space with amazing accessories by Uttermost! These fun Kantha Blue-Green Candle holders will bring energy that this dining room demands. Nothing says glam quite like mirrors do! These Uttermost Jovan Square Mirrors will help reflect your style!

If you have fallen in love with 2 styles, who says your can’t have it all? Style is no mystery, it’s simply an expression of your character and preference. Choose furniture that makes you feel at home, bring your style to life and shop at Sheely’s! Visit our website and Pinterest Boards for more ideas!

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