5 Ways to Transform Your Space from Drab to Fab

Rachael 5663_5663-LSS-b1

#1: Artwork- Art can quickly transform any space from bland to beautiful. A colorful piece can add life to a room without having to paint. Try either one large statement piece or create a gallery wall with several small works of art. This Shining Stars painting by Uttermost is a perfect statement piece that would add color to any room, and these Florals in Black and White art grouping would be a great fit for a gallery wall in an already existing color filled room.

Art - 1204566928_34259-b      Art - 1204566928_34261-b

#2: Lighting- Lighting is key to setting the mood for a room. Whether you fill your space with the soft light of candles, opt for table lamps, floors lamps or overhead lighting, consider design as well as function when choosing the perfect light fixtures for your room. Lighting can change the overall feeling of your space. This Fedora Candleholder by Uttermost is great for added soft lighting. The Signature Design by Ashley offers beautiful table lamps like this Vintage Casual lamp, perfect for a side table!

Accessories - 1204566928_20605-b1       Lamps - Rustic_L508574-b0

#3: Pillows- Pillows are the perfect accent piece when it comes to adding flare to a sofa or chair. Try mixing patterns and textures to dress up a neutral area. Combine varying shapes and sizes to add dimension and energy to even the most boring space. These beautiful pillows my Surya would be the life of the party on any sofa!

ar003      ar082

#4: Rugs- Rugs play a dual purpose in home decor-not only being decorative and fun, they provide a soft and cozy landing place for your feet. Rugs can be a great quick addition to any room. Patterned rugs can add color to a neutral space, whereas single color rugs or framed rugs can complement a room with many patterns and colors. This decorative patterned rug by Surya Rugs is great for a neutral room, the solid rug by Surya is perfect for a space already filled with a plethora of patterns and colors.

Storm - 1193777008_SOM7705-23-b    brt2929-58

#5 New Sofa- It may not be the most cost effective way to transform your space from drab to fab; however a new sofa can totally overhaul your space! A neutral sofa allows for quick and easy updates throughout the seasons by simply changing the pillows, this subtle change can completely overhaul a space! A sofa is one of the biggest furniture investments of your life, whether you are going with a leather sectional like this Klaussner Grady Contemporary Sectional, or an upholstered stationary such as this Klaussner Ashworth Shabby Chic Down Blend Sofa, a new sofa can completely change the look and overall feel of a room.   At Sheely’s we are sure to have exactly what you are looking for!

 Grady 55200 55260_LTD55200L CRNS+R LS-b0          Ashworth_D95200 S-b2

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