ReCreate Your Room with Color!


Looking to update your living area before the New Year? Adding color is the easiest way to completely transform a space. Whether through paint or accent pieces, a little color can change the overall look of a room. Color is a powerful element of decor that affects the way we feel and the decisions we make. Are you falling short of color ideas? Sheely’s is here to help find the perfect palette with three different ways to combine color: monochromatic, complementary and analogues.

The monochromatic color design is a popular trend this season on the fashion runway, as well as inside the home. The monochromatic look is based off of one single color, using various shades, grayer tones and paler tints.  A blue monochromatic design would use varying tints and shades of blue throughout the room, mixing in different textures and patterns to keep the space from becoming too boring. Adding touches of white and other neutral accents anchor the room. Monochromatic colors go well together to create a soothing effect as they provide almost no contrast, producing a clean, elegant look.


1: Apartment Therapy
2: Elle Decor
3: Chatelaine

A Complementary palette is based on two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.  One color used as the dominate hue (used for wall color) and the other used for accent pieces. This will create the most dynamic and eye pleasing design. The two colors in a complementary design play up on each other’s intensity, one being a warm hue, while the other is cool. The most popular colors used for this design are blue and orange, purple and yellow, and red with green.  A complementary palette is the definition of dramatic!

com 1

1:  Houzz

An Analogous color scheme is based off hues found in nature. Analogous uses three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel- blue, green and purple, or red, orange and yellow. With this color design, chose one color to be the dominate hue, one to support, and the other to act as an accent. Try using white or black as other accent colors to tie the room together. The analogous color palette creates a comfortable, tranquil space.


1: Color Sizzle
2: Herald Times Online

Whichever color palette you chose for your space, make sure it reflects your own personal style.  After all, you are authority, there are no wrong answers. A beautiful, colorful room has the capability to change your life!

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