“Mirror-aculous” Ideas for Your Home!


Mirrors are the perfect decorating accessory and can have several benefits.  So much more can be done with your mirror than simply hanging it above your fireplace.  In this article, learn how to use mirrors effectively to glam up your home!

Mirrors, like people, come in all different shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect one to suite your decor theme.  Mirrors enhance natural light and can create the illusion of a larger living space.  Mirrors with wider wood frames in dark, bronze, gold or silver finishes can be used in several ways. If you are going for a luxurious look, try a shapely Venetian mirror to dress up your bathroom or add some sparkle to your dining room.  This style of mirror can work in a traditional or contemporary setting.

Del Corto_503110-b2

 Pulaski Furniture Del Corto Ornate Mirror

If you feel your space is too linear and boring – use a round mirror to add softness and interest.

5e9d180264b2ab571c6f2d19faa53ec026f8a7f221cf9be727d0aa93c801b924Jessica McClintock Home - The Boutique Collection_217-040-b0

1. Uttermost Mirrors Loughlin Round Wood Mirror

2. Uttermost Mirrors Sassia Red Round Mirror

3. American Drew Jessica McClintock Home – The Boutique Collection Oval Decorative Mirror

Over-sized mirrors are extremely popular in today’s trend-setting homes.  By simply propping one against a wall, your space will appear to continue beyond the mirror. This type of mirror is particular great for small spaces or apartments. Place one along a hall to give the illusion of a doorway, or add one next to a fireplace and watch how gracefully it reflects the furniture around it!


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