Home is Where the Heart is…


There is a long list of family traditions that come with the holiday season, a plethora of which were probably created years, if not generations ago.  Whether your family has a tradition of decorating a real tree, a fake tree, drawing names for Secret Santa, baking cookies or checking out the neighborhood lights- there is nothing more heartwarming than sharing those customs with the ones you love the most. The warmth and security that comes with celebrating the holidays and starting a new year with friends and family is what makes this season so special to so many. Perhaps the greatest tradition isn’t what you do during the holidays, rather whom you spend it with.

old sheelys dale sheely sr

Much like holiday traditions, family has been the backbone to Sheely’s success for the last 63 years. The family owned and operated business began back in the 1950’s with part time math teacher and full time electrician- Dale Sheely Sr. From the electrical business, Sheely began selling appliances, then dinettes, then onto furniture. While Sheely Sr. wired homes during the day, his wife Alyce watched over the store. Soon after he sold his electrical materials to Joe Dickey Electric Inc. and focused full time on his new endeavor. The business moved to its current location in 1980. Today, Dale Sheely Jr. and his wife Sherry run the business.

sheely family

Sheely’s Furniture and Appliance is the definition of a family owned, thriving local business. Dale Jr. and his five siblings actually remember working for their father’s business back when they were young. Dale Jr. remembers placing knobs on dressers and cabinets, while his sisters would replace light bulbs around the store. With big box stores popping up all around the country, Sheely’s is proud of its hometown feel and location. Unlike other retail stores, Sheely’s is located in the middle of nowhere- making it a destination, not a pit stop. Having a family owned and operated business still actively running and succeeding for over 60 years is a wonderful accomplishment. Just last week Home Furnishings Business Magazine ranked Sheely’s #23 in the 4th annual Power 50 Retailers, and #4 in Independent Retailers out of more than 4,000 retailers under consideration! Purchase furniture or appliances from Sheely’s, and you’re not just buying a product; you’re gaining a relationship, so welcome to the family! This holiday, be reminded of not only the fun traditions, but of whom you share them with.

From our heart to your home, we send you our warmest wishes for a holiday filled with joy. Thank you for being part of our Sheely’s family.

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