New Year, New You


That time of the year is coming where we make resolutions to better ourselves. Well, let’s be realistic now, it’s us promising ourselves we’ll do the things we said we’d do in 2014, which was to do the things we said we’d do in 2013… a vicious cycle really.  This year, this year will be different….right? At the top of most everyone’s’ ‘To-do List’ for 2015 is more than likely ‘lose weight’, ‘get physically fit’, ‘be a healthier you’- something along those lines. Although slimming down will always claim the top spot of New Year goals, let’s make a resolution to not only transform ourselves, but our homes. Our homes are a direct reflection of who we are, if your home is a cluttered mess- let’s be honest, more than likely so is your life. If your home is structured, ordered and dressed to express your style, it’ll reflect onto your everyday life. By taking steps to better clean up, clean out and bring your style home, you’ll feel like a new you!  Here at Sheely’s we have all the tips and tricks to celebrate your home this New Year.

Keeping an organized home is very similar to maintaining a relationship.  Relationships with friends, family members or our significant other work because we grow into them, and spend time fixing the imperfections.  Sure, no relationship is ever perfect, neither are our homes. However, working toward making it perfect for you and your lifestyle will allow for a simplified way of living.

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Not all organization tips will benefit every home and lifestyle; there is no right way to do it. There are no set rules to organization; the only key is to start by getting rid of clutter, then organizing what is left. Similar to a relationship- if you get rid of everything that is taking up negative space, you’ll have more room to focus on all the good things you have. Start 2015 by completing one room every week, or even one room every month! Begin by trashing the clutter and then sort through and find a place for everything else. Organizing one’s life is easier when everything has a place. Whether it’s your car keys, your wallet or your kids’ backpacks, having a set place for items will make for an easier find, not to mention an easier day!

Organization will always be an ongoing process, having to refine often and spend time maintaining what is already in order.  This is not an easy ‘1, 2, 3’ step goal.  However, New Years is the perfect time to look at how you organize, and at the different ways you can make it better. Visit our Pinterest Board for tons of ways to get organized, and stop into Sheely’s to help you get inspired and in style for 2015! Let us help you turn your house into a home this New Year!  From all of us here at Sheely’s, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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