Me, Myself and My Very Own Space

With the hustle and bustle of the busy Holiday season behind us, we can finally take some much needed time to ourselves.  Since we cannot all jump on a plane, or hitch a ride to a remote, private island, let’s create an oasis right in our own home. Create a space of your very own right in the comfort of home, away from screaming children, playful pets or a long to-do list following your every move. 

For starters, take a moment to think about yourself- what you enjoy doing most, what allows you to calm down, unwind and be in complete utter peace. Does your mind travel to a serene bath? A quiet reading nook? A comfy sofa and a good movie?  An organized office perfect for creativity? Discover your place then let Sheely’s help create your space. 

If serenity to you is a good book and an even better place to snuggle up, then create your very own reading alcove! You don’t have to have a library card to enjoy some peace and quiet, find a subdued corner or even a closet to designate as your own reading nook. A large comfy chair like this Pushback Recliner from Best Home Furnishings or this Devin Modern Chaise Lounge, also by Best, are perfect for cuddling up,  or sprawling out. This Hammary Tropical Voyage Trunk or this Riverside Tranquility End Table is great for placing inspirational knickknacks, family photos, or simply a place to put your current read. You should also dress your small end table with a table lamp for late night reading.

Untitled Untitled2

A popular way to find peace is through writing and expression. Create your very own workplace to jot down thoughts and ideas. If you don’t have an entire room to devote as your own personal office, designate a portion of your bedroom, a space in your basement or a corner in your kitchen.  This Riverside Allegro L Shape desk is perfect for a home office.  This desk has plenty of room to spread out ideas and a plethora of drawers to keep organized.  The Ashley Hamlyn Traditional Drop Front Secretary is great if you’re working within a small amount of space. With this desk you can easily open for moments of creativity, or tuck away when life gets too busy.

Allegro RS_44728-bHamlyn_H527-29-b

Whether you draw a bath, read a book, keep a journal or snuggle up to watch reruns- make sure to find time for yourself this year. Fill your space with furniture that reflects your personal style to keep your home feeling peaceful, serene and 100% yours!

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