8 Designer Trade Secrets

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Happy Friday!  I am so excited that I have finally stumbled upon some really awesome secrets from professional interior designers! They always make it look so easy and flawless. So sit back, enjoy your weekend and check out these eight, easy to follow tips and soon your home will be looking like it was straight out of HGTV magazine!

ONE Trim work! Wall mouldings, chair rails, ceiling crowns and cornices are one of THE best ways to add sophistication and character to your space. These simple architectural details add stature to almost any room easily and inexpensively.

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TWO Small pieces of rich fabrics will add interest to your space. Decorative pillows, throws, curtains and rugs can be incorporated by choosing beautiful fabrics, vibrant colors and textures. These small additions can instantly glam up any room.

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THREE Be committed and make lay out a complete process for yourself when decorating a room. Knowing exactly what the function of the space is will help guide your decisions. The function will help you develop the mood and look you want to achieve.

FOUR Use reproductions to create an elegant or chic look in a cost-effective manner. Transitional styles hit the spot between traditional elegance and contemporary cool. Reproductions make obtaining this look much more accessible.

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FIVE Make use of all the nooks and crannies in your home to create an awesome vignette. A fabulous front entrance foyer can be made memorable by adding a small chest with a mirror and two matching lamps. Spice up an ordinary hallway by adding some art prints. Don’t forget about those little corners at the end of the hall. Place a floor mirror and chair there to give the impression of endless space! Use your imagination, after all, your home is a direct reflection of you!

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SIX If you are uncertain where to start your design project, start by picking flooring first. Let it be the inspiration for the color scheme and theme.

SEVEN Make your drapes reversible so that you can change your space seasonally. Change a rooms ambiance from winter to summer by simply rotating your curtain rod.


EIGHT Last but not least, get a dimmer switch for your lights so that you can alter light levels as needed. Adjustable lighting allows you to set the mood!

I hope you found the inspiration you need for your next project! Visit us online at Sheelys.com or stop by our showroom to find just what your looking for!

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