How to Shop for Furniture

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Choosing new furniture can be very intimidating and is a major decision! Deciding how you want your home to look and feel, choosing your color palettes and budget are the most important first steps. Now it’s time to focus on choosing furniture!  Whether you’ve just graduated college, are newly married, or entering your golden years – chances are you have acquired some furniture items. The question is should you keep it or replace it and start from scratch?

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First – check your inventory. Decide which pieces are outdated and let them go. If items are sentimental to you, look into updating them by adding a fresh coat of paint or replacing the upholstery.

Once you’ve made your decisions on what to hang onto, decide where they will go in your home. It’s important to know where your furniture will go so that you can measure how much space is available for your new pieces.

A common mistake people often make is taking one item, and trying to decorate the entire home around one piece. Don’t get caught in that trap!

Before purchasing anything, there is one last step. Work out your entire room – rugs, furniture, window treatments, lighting and color palettes. I know what you’re thinking; “how can I choose exactly what I want before knowing what’s available?” You just need a general idea of what you want. Get creative with your friends or significant other and put together an idea board. Check out Pinterest or and save your ideas to a board and share them with your sales associate when browsing the store. Find items that inspire you and reflect who you are – after all, “Home is where the heart is.”

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Now it’s time to choose the big ticket items. Keep these furnishings a bit understated. Stick with neutral tones and fabrics so that you can dress them up later by adding color to your walls, pillows, and decorative pieces. Comfort is number one! Buy the best sofas and chairs that you can afford and make sure you spend time in the store sitting or laying on pieces before you buy them and avoid buying furniture online. When you purchase online you can never be sure of the quality. It’s important to touch, feel, sit on and interact with the furniture you are interested in. Also focus your budget on the areas that will get the most use and spend a little less on the items that will not be used as much.

Your upholstered furniture will be a large part of your budget. Choose transitional items that will last through changes in your lifestyle. Go for pieces with simple, clean lines and neutral fabrics and don’t be too concerned with matching everything. If you love the pieces, they’ll work together.

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collections-riverside_furniture-coventry - 1831789821_32500-drl-b4Finally, the fun begins and it’s time to accessorize! Accessories should express your personality and style. Start with an area rug to ground the room. It will also serve as a source for accent colors. Choose items that have similar themes or hues for a cohesive look. Group multiples of a single item together such as, artwork or sculptures, to create visual interest in space. And consider using metallics for some added shine.

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