5 Ways to Maximize Your Space

Do you often find yourself struggling to find a place for everything without feeling overwhelmed with clutter? Or do you feel intimidated when shopping for furniture because you’re not sure how you can fit everything and still have room to move around? You are not alone! Many people have to find ways to maximize their spaces – whether it be an apartment, a small room or nook in the home. I’ve compiled five of my favorite ways to save space.

1. Choose fewer, large furniture pieces

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It might seem counter-intuitive, however, furnishing a small space with just a few large pieces can actually make it feel bigger. Don’t be afraid to fill up the space and always measure to make sure the items fit. When a room is populated with furniture, it can create the illusion of a larger space.

2. Choose furniture that can multitask

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More than ever, furniture combines fashion with function. People are choosing location over size and living downtown in apartments and condos, instead of moving to the suburbs. Choose items that have many purposes like a storage ottoman, drop front chest, or kitchen island that offers seating, drawer space and give you more room to prep meals.

3. Create an optical illusion with mirrors


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Mirrors can work to create the illusion of more space by reflecting light throughout a room. Make your space look larger and create a chic wall display by hanging varying sizes and styles of mirrors on your wall as you would a group of framed photos. Shop Mirrors

4. Embrace your nooks

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Whether designed intentionally or just an awkward corner, little spaces in your home can become a functional goldmine, whether they’re used every day or only on special occasions. This is your chance to get creative! Build a breakfast nook, a mud room, a reading room or even a place for your fur baby to curl up for a nap.

5. Use neutral shades for walls, ceilings and floors.


The use of neutral colors on walls, floors, ceilings and furniture upholstery will expand a space and illuminate a room by reflecting light. Too much neutral? Never fear – you can add pops of color with decorative pillows, accessories and artwork.


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