Elevate Your Sleep: A Guide to Power Bases

Are you shopping for a new mattress set and feeling a little bit intimidated? Have you spent some time looking around and found yourself in that section of the store where all of the beds have remote controls and you just aren’t sure if this is for you? Contrary to what you may think, adjustable beds are not just for hospitals or nursing homes. Sleep is so important no matter what your age or lifestyle and a power base can elevate your sleep, productivity and health! products%2fserta%2fcolor%2ficomfort-hybrid-hb300s_hb300scf-qmpiii-q-b1

Elevate your … sleep

A power base can ease your sleep in many ways:

  • Ease aches and pains.
  • Reduce snoring and relieve tension in your neck.
  • Can accommodate any sleep position for maximum comfort.



Elevate your … health

Here are just a few ways a power base may improve your health:

  • Sleeping slightly upright can help alleviate health complaints related to heartburn and other digestion issues.
  • Raising your legs while you sleep can help reduce chronic swelling from sprains and other injuries.
  • Body contouring adjustments can redistribute pressure points and help ease back pain.




Elevate your … productivity

Today’s advanced adjustable mattress sets are designed to provide customized comfort and support for everything you do in bed – including catching up on emails, watching television or just lounging. Adjust your mattress so you can:

  • Read comfortably.
  • Turn your bed into the most comfortable part of your home office.
  • Answer emails, work on presentations, or surf the web all from the comfort of your bed.


Elevate your … Access to luxury

Everyone deserves a little luxury now and then. An adjustable bed can make you feel like royalty.

  • Watch TV without fussing with your pillows.
  • Treat yourself or your partner with a luxurious breakfast in bed.
  • Enjoy a gentle and relaxing massage with optional massage features!



If you’re ready to experience the benefits of a power base and elevate your sleep, be sure to visit our Better Sleep Gallery at Sheely’s. We have over 20 power bases on display so that you can pick the perfect base for your needs.


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