5 Fast & Easy Ways to Clear the Clutter at Home


Hello April! Now is the perfect time to refresh your home and start those super fun home improvement projects. It’s also time for spring cleaning and clearing out the clutter! Let’s face it though – it’s probably last on the list and it can be hard to find the time and energy to get it done. So – let’s make it a breeze and start with these 5, easy projects that can be done one at a time. You’ll be out on your patio enjoying some sunshine and a good book in no time!

1. The Tupperware Drawers. Oh, the dreaded Tupperware drawers! Raise your hand if you avoid opening that drawer because everything will fall out? Guilty! Let’s start here. We tend to spend a good amount of time in the kitchen and so getting it organized will make you feel great! Match up the containers with their lids, stack everything up neatly and return it to the drawer or cabinet. Use the dimensions of this space as a limit and give away or toss containers that won’t fit comfortably. And, it’s time to let go of the 25 lids that don’t have a match. Chances are they’ll never reappear!


2. The entryway drop spot. After so much time, that little desk or cabinet in your foyer or the “drop spot” will get cluttered. Go ahead, open your drawers or check your tables there. I’m sure you’ll find keys, junk mail and anything you bring home from your day that’s easy to leave there and forget about it. Do a quick and satisfying sweep! Put pocket change in a cup, recycle junk mail, hang up coats and put away any items that have migrated here from other areas of the house. If there are library books or other items waiting to be returned, take a moment to carry them out to the car so that they’re ready and waiting!



3. The Laundry room. I mean, we do enough cleaning in the laundry room, it’s easy to forget to clean the actual room! Check for empty bottles of detergent and stain remover and put these in the recycling bin. Put random items pulled from pockets where they belong. Straighten up the remaining supplies and wipe the counters clean.

Laundry Room

4. Refrigerator door condiments. Who’s got a sauce for everything? And who’s hoarding packets of condiments? Last question; When was the last time you checked the dates on these things? Unload the whole sticky mess onto the kitchen counter, check them out and toss anything past its prime. Wipe down the drawers and the bottoms of the containers with a damp sponge before returning them to the fridge. If you want to be extra-organized,, put sweet condiments on one shelf and savory condiments on another.


5. Shower products. Last but not least, the bathroom! Let’s pull all these products out of the shower and place them on the sink. Recycle the empty bottles and move infrequently used items to a drawer or cabinet. Have some products that you tried but didn’t like? Depending on the store, you may still be able to get a refund — otherwise, just pour out the product and recycle the container. Yes, it’s a waste, however, letting a product you’re never going to use take up valuable space in your shower isn’t helping anyone. You can give them away too if you don’t want to dump them. When you’re done, place your favorite everyday products back in the shower. Done!


I hope you’ve found these tips useful and happy spring cleaning! For more home inspiration, visit us on Pinterest or Sheelys.com!