Tips to Create a Timeless Kids’ Bedroom


If there ever was a room more suited for unleashing your creativity, it’s your child’s bedroom. Their room is their own little world so make it fun, engaging, comforting and inspiring with a style that is uniquely theirs. Here are some tips on how to create a practical, yet fun “room to grow” for your little ones.

1. Choose color palettes that are kid friendly and not too “baby.” If you want to avoid repainting the whole room 5 years down the road, keep your main wall color a little more sophisticated. Neutral tones like light grays, off-whites, light blues and greens are gender neutral and can be dressed up with bright colored accessories. If you want to go with a bolder color, a white ceiling keeps deeper wall hues from feeling too heavy or make an accent wall with their choice of color.

collectionslegacy_classic_kidsbig sur - 1592784048_4920-bup-b1

Legacy Classic Kids Big Sur by Wendy Bellissimo Bedroom Group

2. Choose furniture that YOU like and that will grow with your child. It’s important that you find furniture that you like too so that it can be incorporated in other areas of the house once they grow out of it or go away to college. It can also be tempting to opt for cheap when it comes to buying furniture for your kids, and chances are you will regret this decision. It’s best to choose durable furniture meant to last a lifetime.


productssmartstuffcolorbellamy 330_330a f bedroom group 3-b0

Smartstuff Bellamy Full Trellis Bed 

3.  Have fun and get creative with accessories. You’ve stayed grown up with furniture so have some fun with accessories. Pack in their personality with easily changeable and inexpensive items, like area rugs, bedding, pillows and wall art and let them help. Hang their own artwork and put their favorite toys on display.

4. Choose furniture with lots of storage. Storage is key when setting up your child’s room and there are plenty of stylish options. A bed with built in storage, a storage bench, dressers and shelves are all great ways to keep the clutter under control.

5. Make them a space for homework or projects. The key to creating a great work space for your kiddos is to have a place for everything, so they can find what they need when they need it. Creating spaces for different tasks (like a computer station, reading chair, or art space) works great if you have more than one child who uses the space at the same time. Bright, colorful desk accessories will encourage your kids to use their space and make it their own place to be proud of!

We hope these few tips give you a good place to start when it comes to buying furniture for your children. For more ideas and inspiration visit us at or stop into our showroom in North Lima, Ohio.

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