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Bright Ideas for your home - Sheelys Furniture and Appliance Blog

Brilliant is not only used to describe genius. It refers to brightness, radiance and color. It could represent a ray of sunshine, a sparkling ocean or a vibrant painting. Brilliant colors can boost our mood by changing a space from dark and gloomy to bright and happy! Choose brilliant surroundings that stand out, are eye catching and reflect your personality and style.

The first step is to choose your color scheme. Don’t be afraid to be bold and go for bright colors. Start by choosing your wall color. Neutral tones work best when adding bright furniture and accessories. If you must have bold walls, an accent wall is perfect. Once you’ve chosen your paint colors you can then decide on furniture and accessories. Let the fun begin!

Here are seven ways to incorporate bold and brilliant pieces into your space.

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Accent chairs or ottomans are a great way to add a pop of color, especially when paired with neutral pieces. Don’t be afraid to go with patterned fabrics that are eye catching and reflect your personal style.


Artwork and accessories are awesome avenues for adding vivid details. Look for pieces that match your color scheme and remember that shades and tints help to add variation and contrast to you room. It’s the little, yet vibrant elements that will make your room feel unique and stylish.


Lamps are a brilliant way to add light and color to your space. Elements with dual purpose show your wisdom for brilliancy and will help your rooms glow in more ways than one!


Pillows are perfect for adding color, shine and texture. They bring in dynamic design elements that have the power to elevate a space from drab to fab. Not only are they great for adding brilliant pops of color, they are functional and cost effective! What more can you ask for?


Brilliant rooms are filled with glowing color from floor to ceiling. Your floors offer the opportunity to play with patterns and magnify your color scheme with area rugs. A big, graphic rug can complement your sofa and wall color to instantly enhance your entire room. Try layering rugs – an unexpected way to switch up your decor by mixing patterns, prints and colors.


If you are ready to be really bold, add a beautiful statement sofa. Bright seating instantly expresses your zest for life and brings radiance to your room. To make your sofa stand out, choose a color that pops against your wall color and add fun, patterned pillows and throws.


Leave no detail uncolored. Versatile and practical, blankets are a fabulous way to create a bold, yet comfortable atmosphere. Drape them over your chairs and sofa or stack them in a basket to bring brilliance to unexpected places and keep you and your guests cozy.

Are you ready to give your space a brilliant update? Give your home a bold makeover with these seven, fabulous additions! At Sheely’s we feature a knowledgeable and talented staff that can help you with your decorating and design questions. Check us out at or visit our showroom in North Lima, Ohio!

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