Tips To Accessorize Your Home


You’ve furnished your home and now you’ve reached the final (and most fun) step! Accessorizing your space. Oftentimes, we overlook the importance of accessorizing and see it as an added and unnecessary expense. That is not the case my friends! Accessories are the finishing touch of your home and allow you to express your style and personality. Show off your hobbies and interests, achievements, culture or your favorite memories. Your decor will tell your story and your guests will have a feeling of who you are as soon as they enter your home. Here are some tips to help you get started!

1. The Rule of Three

This rule (or guideline if you don’t like to follow the rules) is tried and true! It basically says that things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable and effective than even-numbered groupings. Three is the magic number, however, five, seven or nine are fine too if you have that many accessories for one spot. This is how our beautiful brains work! When we see an odd number of things, our eyes are forced to move around more, which leads to a more interesting visual experience. Make sure to include variety by grouping things with different heights, textures or shapes. Keep the rule of three in mind when hanging artwork or framed photos as well!


products%2Fsignature_design_by_ashley%2Fcolor%2Fwall art - 1195589344_a8000193-b3.jpg

2. Pay Attention to Scale 

Your arrangement shouldn’t be too big or too tiny for the surface it’s arranged on. You don’t need to feel like you have to fill every tabletop. The eyes need a chance to rest and you’ll end up looking cluttered.

productsart_furniture_inccoloregerton - 1157662532_210130-2106+210120-b0

3. Create a Balance

Balance refers to visual equality of the objects and furniture in the room. Creating the illusion of balance does not require the items to be exactly the same, you are using items of similar size to balance each other out. For example, in the image below, the planter and artwork on either side bring balance to these bookcases.

productssignature_design_by_ashleycolordevrik - 1195589344_h619-17-b2

4. Create Contrast

Create contrast with by using color, pattern, style, shape, size and texture. A room with a high contrast can feel busier and have more energy whereas a room with low contrast will feel calm and peaceful. The function of your space will determine the amount of contrast you will want. For example, the bedroom would be a space where low-contrast is important. Your bedroom is a place for peace and relaxation. Adding high-contrast accessories to your family room or powder room can create a playful and inviting atmosphere.

collectionsklaussner_internationalversailles 980_980-bhf-b1

productssmith_brotherscolor238 sb_238-14+22-393014-b1

5. Be Open Minded 

Sometimes, an everyday object can become an accessory! When an everyday object is taken out of context and treated as a work of art, it can take on a special significance. The sky is the limit. Perhaps you just can’t part with that old vintage vase you grew up with. Incorporate it into your decor by mixing in modern items and you may just surprise yourself!

We encourage you to play around with your accessories and mix them up from time to time to refresh your home. For more design tips and ideas for home accessories visit or our Pinterest page. To see all of the fabulous accessories on display at Sheely’s, stop by our showroom in North Lima, Ohio!

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