Holiday Hosting: A Guide to Guest Rooms


The holidays are approaching and it’s time to open up our homes to family and friends. Preparing for and hosting house guests can be a fun and enjoyable experience. There’s something satisfying about helping your visitors feel especially welcome and comfortable, and we have the scoop on creating a cozy and welcoming guest room. Whether you have a guest house, guest room or spare bedroom – these tips will make everyone feel right at home.

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Allow your guests to relax by using lots of neutral colors to create a calming atmosphere. Staying in a new place can often times be stressful so we want to make sure guests are at ease. We love the light tones in the Bolanburg Collection by Signature Design by Ashley. Adding splashes of natural colors like gray, green or blue can stimulate meditation.


A good quality mattress is next on the list to promote a good nights sleep. Don’t give your guest an old, dusty mattress. Consider investing in a quality mattress for your guestroom. Even when you aren’t hosting guests, it can be a relaxing space for you or your family members and could even come in handy down the road if your family grows larger. Be sure to have freshly cleaned sheets, blankets and lots of comfy pillows. A couple decorative pillows are just fine – too many can get in the way. Extra blankets and linens are a must to accommodate everyone’s comfort level.

Lamps Sheelys Furniture

Always keep a table and lamp next to the bed for the avid readers or to give them some soft light to take care of their nightly routines. A small arrangement of fresh flowers can make a nice addition too. Providing an alarm clock is always a good idea, as well as an easily accessible power strip for phone chargers and other gadgets.

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A desk and chair for anyone who needs to get some work done during travel is great and it will give your guest more space for their things.

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A comfy chair and ottoman should also be available for your guest to kick off their shoes and relax during down time or lace up for a night out on the town.


Make sure to clear some space in your closet or have a nice armoire for your guest to hang their clothes.  The Aspenhome Oxford Traditional chest with a mirrored door is perfect for a guest room because we all know the challenges of getting ready without a mirror! Plus, this great armoire has plenty of shelves and drawers.


And lastly, make sure you have plenty of extra towels, hand towels, soap and toiletries for the guest bathroom!

For more ideas and inspiration, check us out on Pinterest , at or visit our showroom in North Lima, Ohio.

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