8 Small Space Furniture Essentials

In a small space, choosing the right furnishings can make all the difference between your home feeling cramped or cozy. If you’re feeling intimidated when shopping for furniture because you’re not sure how you can fit everything and still have room to move around, You are not alone! Many people have to find ways to maximize their spaces – whether it be an apartment, a small room or nook in the home. Here are 8 furniture essentials for small spaces from Sheely’s!

1. A Pedestal Table – A round table with a pedestal base is easily tucked into small spaces. Round edges mean no bumping into sharp corners and a leg free base will allow you to squeeze more friends around the table.

productswinners_onlycolorbarnwell--399360808_db54242+2x519s-b12. Storage Ottomans – Storage ottomans are a great and stylish way to add additional storage to your small space. Ottomans can double as a cocktail table or provide extra seating for guests.

productsklaussnercolorklaussner chairs and accents_k95000 stgot-b03. Bookcases – Bookcases ensure ample storage and display space with an abundance of shelves. Bookcases with open shelving and no back – like an etagere– keep the space open and airy and make a chic room divider for an open layout or studio apartment.

productscoast_to_coast_importscolorbrownstone--1239505627_98240-b74. Large Mirrors – If you’re only planning to buy a few items for your small space, a large mirror should definitely be at the top of your list. Mirrors work to create the illusion of more space by reflecting light throughout a room. Hanging a large mirror instantly makes a small room feel bigger and brighter. Position it across from a window to boost lighting.

productssignature_design_by_ashleycoloraccent mirrors a_a8010098-b35. Small Scale, Armless Chairs – No space for a bulky armchair? While they may be cozy, they certainly take up a lot of floor space. Try choosing armless chairs with an upright profile like the ones pictured below. If you move into a larger space in the future, these chairs are great for rounding out a larger seating space, can be added to a larger entryway or provide seating in a guest room.

collectionssignature_design_by_ashleyannora_61608-zaa-b26. Settee – A settee or petite loveseat can make for cozy seating and will give you a place to stretch out without the bulk of a full-size sofa. In a larger space, a settee can be used at the foot of a bed, in an entryway or even pulled up to a dining room table. If you really must have a sofa, look for sofas with slim track arms, which may have the same width as other sofas and offer more seating space than a sofa with large rolled or splayed arms.

7. A Bench – A backless bench is a perfect choice for a small dining area as it can be tucked under a table when not in use. A storage bench can be used in a bedroom for seating and storage or double as a cocktail table that can be called into service when guests outnumber chairs.

productssignature_design_by_ashleycolorglosco_d548-210-b7productsliberty_furniturecolorupholstered beds - -816253672_100-br47-b08. Poufs – Whatever style of pouf you choose, they are a must-have for a small space. Not only are they fun an stylish, they have many uses. Use them as footstools, extra seating, as an ottoman or even a side table!

productsuttermostcoloraccent furniture - 1204566928_23954-b2For more design ideas, visit sheelys.com, Pinterest or stop by and visit our showroom, located in North Lima, Ohio.

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