Nursery Furniture Essentials

productssmartstuffcolormyroom - 355083693_5322002+200-b3Pictured: Smartstuff #myRoom 5-Drawer Dresser with Changing Station

When you’re expecting and have entered the nesting phase, it’s only normal to spend a lot of your time planning and working on pulling together your baby’s nursery. With all of the extravagant options out there, it can be hard to decide on what you REALLY need. Here is our list of nursery essentials to help you get started!

Frist on the list, the crib of course! Choosing your crib can be fun and probably one of the easier things on your list. Color depends on your preference and whether it will fit with the existing fixtures in the room. If you’ve decided to find out the gender ahead of time, that can also help with your choice. A convertible crib that grows with your little one is a great way to save time and money in the long run, or you can go with a simpler style that you can change out down the road.

productslegacy_classiccolormadison - 892579080_2830-8900-b2Pictured: Legacy Classic Kids Madison Convertible Crib
productslegacy_classic_kidscolorbig sur - 1592784048_4920-8900-b3 Pictured: Legacy Classic Kids Big Sur by Wendy Bellissimo Grow With Me Convertible Crib

The next essential item would be a changing station. This does not have to be a dedicated changing table as they can just take up space. A dresser is a great option because it can be used for a long time. Just secure a changing pad to the top. A dresser also doubles as storage for all those little baby clothes. Be sure to pick a dresser that is deep enough for your changing pad and wide enough to store your diapers, creams, wipes, and lotions as well!


productslegacy_classic_kidscolorfulton county-1592784048_5900-1100-b1
Pictured: Legacy Classic Kids Fulton County Dresser with 6 Drawers
productsvaughan_bassettcolorfrench market vb_384-002-b0
Pictured: Vaughan Bassett French Market Louis Philippe Storage Dresser – 6 Drawers

The next essential is more for the parents, and that is a comfortable rocking chair or glider. You will be spending a lot of time nursing, feeding and rocking your baby to sleep. It is important to have a comfortable chair close to the crib with a footrest and lots of back support. Adding pillows will help with support as well!

*Note: Adding a side table next to your chair is also a great idea so that you can set down your phone, beverage, books etc. while you’re watching over your little one. A table lamp can also be handy. 

IMG_5838Pictured: Best Home Furnishings Recliners – Medium Orlando Swivel Glider Recliner


Pictured: Best Home Furnishings Manuel Upholstered Glider Rocker (other fabric options available). 

When it comes to the nursery, storage is key! Whether it’s a closet, shelves, a free-standing armoire, or dressers – you will need plenty of places to store those little clothes, shoes, bedding, towels diapers, toys, and books.

productslegacy_classic_kidscolorharmony - 1592784048_4910-2400-b3Pictured: Legacy Classic Kids Harmony Mirrored Door Chest with 4 Drawers and 3 Adjustable Shelves
productslegacy_classic_kidscolorharmony - 1592784048_4910-1100+7201-b1Pictured: Legacy Classic Kids Harmony Dresser + Changing Hutch with Strap Access

Soft surfaces are important once your baby is up and crawling around. A soft area rug, a comfy throw that you can put down or keep on the chair, or a pouf that your little one can lean on as they start standing are all great additions.

Nursery Blog Collage

The final essential for your perfect nursery would be some type of soft, low lighting. This can be achieved with a table lamp or floor lamp and is more for you. Your little one isn’t afraid of the dark yet, however, a soft low light will create a soothing environment for them and help to keep you from bumping into furniture or stumbling around when you’re up in the middle of the night for a feeding.

Lamp Collage - Nursery Blog.jpg

Now that you’ve got your essentials, you can have some fun by adding all the cute decor, bedding, and linens. Sheely’s has a wide variety of wall decor and accessories on display in our showroom!

For more design ideas, visit our website or stop by our showroom located in North Lima, Ohio.

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