Planning the Perfect Living Room

Whether you’re building a new home, buying new furniture, or re-arranging furniture you already have, laying out your perfect living room can be best accomplished when you have a plan in mind. Before you head to the store (Sheely’s of course!) or bring in the movers, check out these layout tips to move you and your furniture in the right direction.


Planning Ahead: How are you going to be spending time in your living room? Don’t be afraid to make a list of all the things you plan to do there. Do you have children that will be spending time there? Do you want it to be a relaxing space where you and your family can unwind and talk about your days? Will you be entertaining friends often? With the rise of folks who are working from home, will you be working from your living room? Thinking about all of these things will help you to prioritize your furniture choices and be a guide when you start arranging.

Your next task is to consider conversation flow and traffic. Can you have a conversation with your friend or family member without yelling at each other? Can you move around the sofa and chair without getting trapped? You also don’t want to make it feel like a maze and avoid having to do a lap around to get in or out. 18″ is the standard distance to allow from a table to a sofa or chair. If your space is tight, you can cheat a little and go with 15″. Make sure you have 2 to 4 feet of walking space in a main pathway.

HINT: Don’t forget about lighting! A dark room can be depressing – read about lighting here: Lighting: Tips to Illuminate Your Home!


Purchasing Furniture: As a general rule, start with choosing your sofa first. It is the largest piece and the main focus of your living room. Try to go moderate in size as you may be moving it in the future or placing it in a different space in your home.

Think about your style and needs of entertaining. Choose furniture that can be used with larger groups or that can be functional while saving space. Slip a bench under a roomy console for extra seating or ottomans that can be used as side tables or seating.


Always keep things to scale. Just because the size and scale of a piece looks right in a store doesn’t mean it’ll feel right in your living room. Larger rooms require larger furniture, and smaller rooms require smaller furniture.
Not  sure what to do with the TV? It’s not always pretty and for many of us it’s a must-have in the living room. So unless you are unplugging, it’s something you will be working with. Luckily, flat-screen televisions lessen the design dilemma. Be sure to keep comfort in mind and hang it or choose a console that will keep you from straining your neck to watch it. As a rule, designers advise not to put the TV more than 10 feet or less than 6 feet from your sofa. If your TV is your focal point, choose a console that is functional so you can add accessories and keep game systems, movies and maybe even the TV out of sight when not in use. Pictured above: Parker House Hunts Point 4PC Entertainment Wall.
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