How To Choose The Perfect Entertainment Center

productsinternational_furniture_directcolor359 pueblo_ifd360wallunit-b5Pictured: International Furniture Direct Pueblo Wall Unit with Distressed Finish

The TV Console is often the focal point in the room and is a great way to add style and function to your space. This multi-tasker can enhance the look of your living room, den or family room. Not only does it showcase your TV, it also helps you stay organized by serving as storage space for your books, DVDs, video games, and other media.

TV stands or entertainment centers come in a variety of styles and sizes from simple stands with basic shelving, larger stands with closable doors for storage, and massive wall-sized entertainment centers. It can be tough to pick one out. Here is our guide to choosing the perfect Entertainment center to fit your needs.

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Choosing how wide your entertainment stand needs to be will depend on the size of your TV. TVs are typically sized by the diagonal measurement of the screen and the TV stand will rely on the measurement of the entire TV. Be sure to measure across the whole TV to get a true size. Most TV stands and entertainment centers will list the sizes they accommodate, however, it’s always a good idea to measure so that your TV fits exactly the way you want it to.

*Note: A TV stand should be at least 2-3 inches longer than the TV Width. 

You will also want to take into consideration, the layout of your room to help determine the width. Will there be other features that will impact how long it will be like shelves, a doorway, or a fireplace?

productsparker_housecolorlaredo - parker house_lar-680-4-b1Pictured: Parker House Laredo Entertainment Wall

Next, decide on the height of your entertainment center. The center of your TV should match the line of sight for those watching it. Use your current seating as your measurement starting point.

To get the average sight line for your TV, ask the tallest person in your household to sit in their typical spot, and measure from the floor to the bridge of their nose. Then measure the distance from the middle of the screen to the bottom of the TV. When added to the stand height, it should be about the same as the sight line measurement.

Mounting your TV to a wall is a popular and easy way to get the perfect height that you’re looking for and also clear up some space on your TV stand or Entertainment center for your favorite decor!

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