Metal + Wood: Trends in Home Furnishings


There’s no denying that the combination of wood and metal is on trend everywhere right now. When rustic wood and metal elements blend together, the outcome is sleek and beautiful. The appeal of wood and metal begin with their contrasting elements. Wood is soft, and naturally charming while metal gives us a strong sense of connection with our origins of workmanship. It’s no wonder it makes us feel cozy and comforted. Natural and industrial components add interest and exciting details to any room. Create a stunning statement with anything from tables and chairs to lamps and bookcases. Here are some of our favorites:


productssignature_design_by_ashleycolortripton d530_d530-25+4x01-b0

Signature Design by Ashley Tripton 5-Piece Rectangular Dining Room Table Set



Signature Design by Ashley Joring Rustic Casual Rectangular Dining Room Table Set


Signature Design by Ashley Starmore Modern Rustic/Industrial Bookcase

productssignature_design_by_ashleycolorrustic accents - 1195589344_t500-721-b0

Signature Design by Ashley Vennilux Factory Cart Style Rectangular Cocktail Table

productssignature_design_by_ashleycolortripton d530_d530-76-b0

Signature Design by Ashley Tripton Medium Rustic Brown Tall Dining Room Server

productssignature_design_by_ashleycolorchalliman d307 - 1195589344_d307-124-b3

Signature Design by Ashley Challiman Industrial Style Armless Stool

Living Room

Occasional tables which include cocktail tables, end tables and sofa tables, are a great way to mix wood and metal in your living room. Cocktail tables are a perfect focal point while the end tables and sofa table will enable you to cross wood and metal throughout the entire room. This rich and earthy, yet sleek combination will bring a subtle contrast to your sofa and chairs while keeping your living room comfortable and stylish.

Dining Room

Create a beautiful, rustic style dining room by adding a wood and metal dining table with matching or contrasting chairs or bar stools. It’s the focal point of the room and a place to gather with family and friends. Dining room tables with wooden table tops and industrial metal legs are a stunning combination of form and function. Dining room servers are another great way to combine wood and metal into your dining room.

Home Office

Let the crafty, stimulating interaction of wood and metal inspire you! Bring the exploratory character of the outdoors inside with the natural element of wood and the smart, sleek nature of metal to give your room a boost of creativity. Amplify the space by adding a bookshelf with wood and metal details to hold your inspiring books and sculptures!


Bedrooms are your personal getaway. An oasis of relaxation and comfort. Mix in elements of rustic and industrial in small doses. This can be done through a compelling lamp that has both wood and metal details. Not only does a lamp bring in warmth by making the room glow, the warm wood and mechanical metal elements also help to emphasize a lamp’s functionality.

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